Reduced tickets for those who want to experience both the walkway at height of Pisa’s Walls and the exhibition From Magritte to Duchamp 1929: the great Surrealism from the Center Pompidou, open until February 17 at Palazzo Blu

Agreement with Pisa’s ancient Walls trail: € 2.00 reduction on exhibition ticket for visitors who  show a ticket (of any type) of Pisa’s Walls; € 1.00 reduction for Pisa’s Ancient Walls trail for visitors holding an exhibition ticket.

The exhibition and selection of works is the result of the curatorship of Didier Ottinger, Deputy director of the National Center of Art and Culture Georges-Pompidou, National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Ottinger one of the experts of the French museum institution, curator of international renown, one of the leading specialists in the world of Magritte, Picasso and Surrealism as a movement, has brought together for this occasion an impeccable series of masterpieces that will accompany the visitors of Palazzo Blu to discover the wonders of the Surrealism that has deeply changed the art of the 20th century.

There are about 150 works, including pictorial masterpieces, sculptures, surrealist objects, drawings, collages, installations and photographs of the author have arrived in Pisa to show the extraordinary adventure of the surrealist avant-garde, through the chef-d’oeuvres produced at its apogee and therefore around 1929, as we shall see, a crucial year for the group of artists who worked in that Parisian forge of the Avantgardes and capital of world artistic development. Catastrophic year for the collective memory (collapse of the economy, Communist International crisis etc.), the year 1929 also marks a decisive turning point in the history of Surrealism. In that year the movement theorist André Breton and poet Louis Aragon try to change the movement from its theoretical foundations. This new approach does not meet all members believes and seems to create an incurable fracture within the group. Despite this internal knife to the heart, the vitality of the movement remains intact. Surrealist art seems more than ever to assert itself. In December, in the “Révolution Surréaliste” magazine, André Breton published the Second Surrealist manifesto which ratified the alignment with the French Communist Party and gave the movement the new “reasoning” turn.

BLU | Palazzo d’arte e cultura
Lungarno Gambacorti 9

Exhibition dates
11th of October, 2018 – 17th of February, 2019

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday and holidays 10 am – 8 pm
(Ticket office closes one hour before closing time)

Tickets (audio guide included)
Full euro 12,00
Reduced euro 10,00
Special discount euro 5,00 (university students, only thursday)

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